Murielle Bocquin Your Lucky Star – Teacher of God


You are a Magnificent Successful Leader with a Vision. You have an Outstanding Dream and You want to Fulfill It. You need more than coaching, You need Absolute Unfailing Support and Love. You need a Presence and someone to be Deeply in Tune with You to Propel You towards Your Destiny, in the Highest Level of Confidentiality.

Why me

I am dedicated to Provide You the Highest
Expertise in Universal Creation Process and success factor on Your way to Your
Outstanding Dream, in a Unique and Unfailing Manner.

Highly dedicated

I am dedicated to ONE client at the same time during one full week, wherever you are. I am in Presence for You. I stand by You.
I offer you my Full Attention and Focus.

Highest energy

I vibrate at a High Level of Energy. By my Presence, You benefit from It. I guide You to be Wealthy&Wellthy and How to Sustain it all along Your Life.

Highest confidentiality

You need to express Your Outstanding Dream in Authentic and Trustful way. I offer You to be Your Best Unfailing Support at That Precious Moment!

Absolute observer

I am Your Finest Observer Ever. I point even the Smallest of Your Weaknesses That Your Body or Talking Unconsciously Express. I make You Conscient in order to be Efficient at the Highest Level.

Maximum equilibrium

Balance between Positive High Energy and Positive Low Energy guarantee the Fulfillment of Your Outstanding Dream. We work in Pairs to assure us that You are aligned with The Most Efficient Course towards whatever You Want to Materialize.

Unconditionnal listening

I offer You a 100% Impartial and Highly Active Listening to detect any Lack of Congruence that would deviate You from Your Best Alignment with Your Divine Part and Your Way to Success.


Word & Laws of God

Murielle Bocquin teaches the Word and Laws of God. She initiates you to your Spiritual Education. You learn to Renew your Mind in order to Live and Create whatever you want.

Universal Creation Process & Hado

Murielle Bocquin is a certified Master Coach from the Institut de Coaching International of Geneva, founded by Alain Cayrol. Her expertise focus on the Universal Creation Process, how the Spirituals Laws of Life and Success work and on the Source of Energy behind the creation of all things, the Hado.

Knowledge, Richness & Unified Field

Murielle Bocquin teaches you the 25 Qualities of the Unified Field, your perfect model of creation. You cherish Knowledge in order to attract Richness.

Spiritual Assets

Murielle Bocquin is constantly trained by the best world class mentors like Chris Oyakhilome, Anthony Robbins, Dr Joe Vitale, Winter Wee, Dr Steve G. Jones, Anthony Dass and best French-speaking mentors : Roger Lannoy, Marcelle Della Faille, David Laroche, Martin Latulippe, Lionel Donneley, Nathalie Cariou, Laurent Chenot, Paul Wagner and Jean-Luc Baillet.

Japanese Holistic Natural Therapy

Murielle Bocquin is trained by French Zen Master Paul Wagner in Reiki Initiatique Sho Den, Japanese Holistic Natural Therapy. She provides you healing sessions by being a canal between the Universal Energy and Your Vital Energy. She reprograms Your DNA and modifies Your Aura according to your Personal Needs.


Murielle Bocquin is dedicated to help people Elevate the Level of Consciousness of Humanity and the Level of Affluence on Planet Hearth. She helps people to continue their Evolution on their Expansion Spiral and initiate them to their Spiritual Education.


Outstanding Offer


A Very Inspiring and Outstanding Travel for You.

You are already successful and you want more.

And You know what you need to go to your next level.

You know that it is beyond coaching.

You know you need a presence beside You.

I propose 7 days of my physical presence beside You,

wherever you are.

And far beyond excitement and motivation,

By my endless will of learning, I provide you:










to free Your Way to Your Next Level from Obstacles

and open Your Field of Possibilities to fulfill Your Outstanding Dream,

The ONE you can share only in High Classified Manner.

By my endless will of learning, I provide you:

Teaching in God’s Word,

Teaching in Reprogramming your Mind,

 Teaching in Universal Creation Process,

 Teaching in Initial Creative Abundance

 Teaching in LoveAbundance and Prosperity,

 Teaching in Absolute Observation,

 Teaching in Unconditional Active Listening,

Teaching in Absolute Will & Commitment,

Teaching in Absolute Equilibrium,

 Teaching in Quantum Leap,

 Teaching in Vortex,

 Teaching in Wealthy&Wellthy Top Performer’s Habits,

 Teaching in Vital Energy and in maintaining a High Level of Vibratory Energy,

 Teaching in Feeding Your Cells,

 Teaching in Universal Energy,

 Teaching in Universal Vibration,

Reiki Sho Den sessions – Modify your Aura and Reprogram Your DNA,

 Teaching in Vibratory and Attractive Marketing.

To inspire you, I am:

Commited to learn & teach the God’s Word in the entire Word.

To inspire you, I am:

Commited to help people elevate the level of Consciousness of the Mankind and the Level of Affluence on the Planet.


I am commited to Your Unique Person and beautiful Spirit wherever you are on our Planet Earth.

You. One Week. One Large Quantum Leap.

An offer for Highly Privileged Clients who want to create whatever they want.

You are one of the Highly Privileged Clients per year whom I am dedicated to.

You. 7 Days. One Large Quantum Leap on Your Expansion Spiral by Reprogramming your Mind.


Thank you so much for sharing your incredibly valuable knowledge and experience with us, I’ll definitely practice the methods you taught us today.
It was truly an amazing experience for me and it was a wonderful day which I’ll never forget because I learned a lot and I had the opportunity to meet you.
It was unbelievably great.

Thank you so much for sharing your book with us, this is more valuable than Gold.

I’m truly honored to met such a wonderful beautiful soul like you Madam.

Wish you all the best in your life from the bottom of my heart.
Best Regards.


Its truly an honour to meet an independent and inspirational woman like you. I am truly blessed




 You create our encounter by contacting me,

 We have an interview to assure a High Level of Efficiency for Our Unique Collaboration,

 We program a 7 days-period time according to our agendas,

 I come by You wherever you are at your own expense and dedicate Myself to You,

 The cost for 7 days of my presence beside You in the manner describe on my website is $US19140 plus all my expenditure (Business Class Travel expense, Accomodation Costs, Taxi)

 I promise a Unique, Authentic and High Dedicated Offer!

You + 7 days + My Absolute Unfailing Support
One Large Quantum Leap on Your Expansion Spiral by Reprogramming your Mind!

I reserve My Large Quantum Leap
The reprogramming of my Mind Now!

I invite you to use the contact form or the email in order to co-create our encounter. Be blessed.

Space of Gratitude

On my way to You, I am accompanied by The Holy Spirit & Very Inspiring People – That Sharpened Success Factor:

Chris Oyakhilome

 Anthony Robbins

 Dr Joe Vitale

 Dr Steve G. Jones

Winter Wee

David Laroche

 Nathalie Cariou

 Roger Lannoy

 Laurent Chenot

Olivier Roland

 Paul Wagner

 Martin Latulippe

 Marcelle Della Faille

 Anthoni Dass

Lionel Donneley


And many others from all around the world in books, films, conferences, seminars, courses and everyday life!

I am thankful & grateful and I blessed all Spirits on our planet Earth and have faith for a beautiful spiritual and affluent world.

I joyfully anticipated our encounter!


Murielle Bocquin

Teacher of God’s Word and Laws,

MindAppz Funding Owner & Official Partner,

Bestselling co-author with Dr Joe Vitale of The Prosperity Factor,

French Published Author,

Master Coach in Universal Creation Process, Perfect Hado, Abondance, Love & Attraction

International Speaker,

Initiatic Reiki Sho Den Practitioner,

Member of the Malaysian Association for Professional Speakers (MAPS),

Executif Member of the Malaysian Association for Professional Speakers (MAPS),

Member of the Malaysian Menopause Society (MMS),

Guest of Crystal Toastmasters Club – Kuala Lumpur,


I reserve My Large Quantum Leap
The reprogramming of my Mind Now!

I invite you to use the contact form or the email in order to co-create our encounter. Be blessed.


I am commited to be your Best Asset in the time I focus exclusively on your Unique Person and your Outstanding Dream.

How can I support You?


* “You will surely love this book.
Because despite all you
heard since your childhood…” *


* Read the excerpt *

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Thank you so much for the book, I will definitely enjoy reading it and I can’t wait to uncan the knowlegde within the book, thank you so much, I hope the book reaches and touches as many souls out there and enlightens them.


Richard (Malaysia)

I started reading the book and I can’t put it down, it’s really amazing!


About the Book...

The Success FactorThe Prosperity Factor: How To Achieve Unlimited Wealth in Every Area of Your Life (English Edition) Electronic Book Format

de Joe Vitale (Auteur) & Murielle Bocquin (Auteur)

Electronic Book Format

Everybody wants Prosperity in their life. But, by the way, how do you define Prosperity? Is it financial abundance and wealth or perfect health or freedom? The Prosperity Factor is your guide to realizing your vision and personal dream of prosperity. In this one-of-a-kind book, an international team of more than 50 authors share their knowledge and experience on their path to attracting their ideal lives. The Prosperity Factor is about stories from people all around the world who have attracted prosperity, abundance, health and wealth into their lives. They join with bestselling authors, Joe Vitale and Murielle Bocquin, as they share their stories, secrets, and life lessons on the path toward abundance, wealth, happiness, and financial freedom. It’s your personal guide to achieving unlimited wealth in every area of your life. Join Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor and international star of the movie, The Secret, and learn how to apply the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking in your life to start attracting more income, a new career, better health, or loving relationships. The Prosperity Factor contains more than 50 life changing chapters including: • Magnetic Joy • How I Discovered the Secret to Explode The Full Power of the Law of Attraction • Your Time to Shine • The 6 Rung Ladder of Wealth • Prosperity and Love Mapping for Your Home “Creating your Energy Atlas” • Forward-In-Faith • Be Your Authentic Self No Matter Where You Are • The Gifted Heart • You Were Born to Be Healthy • Conscious Parenting: The Art Of Raising Your Child To Thrive • The Soul of Language • Your Divine Right – Prosperity and Abundance • My Story: Your Potential at Birth is Love and Abundance • Overcoming Adversity • My Journey to Success • The Prosperity Factor is your guide to fully embracing the life that you want to live. If you’re ready for a major shift in your energy, mindset, and financial wellbeing, The Prosperity Factor offers new stories, explains new process, and shares simple steps that you can start taking today.
The authors invite you to read The Prosperity Factor in order to discover many paths to regain your own Prosperity and to contribute to the Community. There are an unlimited number of possible paths because everyone has their own path within themselves!

Length : 366 pages

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